About the Store API [Outlook 2003 API Reference]

The Store API provides miscellaneous store functionality to store providers. It contains the following properties:

Property Purpose
Display Server Folder Sizes Display folder size data on the server in the Outlook Folder Size dialog box.
Make Store Type Private Treat a secondary store as private.
Hide Meeting Update Option Hide the option to send meeting updates to only added or deleted attendees.

To provide any of the store functionality, the store provider must implement IMAPIProp and return a valid property tag for any of these properties passed to an IMAPIProp::GetIDsFromNames call. When the property tag for any of these properties is passed to IMAPIProp::GetProps, the store provider must also return the correct property value. Store providers can call HrGetOneProp and HrSetOneProp to get or set these properties.

Store providers that do not require this functionality can simply ignore it and not implement support in the IMAPIProp interface. Because these properties are provided in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 Service Pack 1, adding them to a store in an earlier version of Outlook has no effect. They are ignored if they do not exist or if their value is false.