HasChartSpaceLegend Property

True if the specified chart workspace has a legend. Read/write Boolean.


*expression   * Required. An expression that returns a ChartSpace object.


Setting this property to False causes the legend to be deleted from the chart workspace. When this happens, all custom formatting is lost and must be reset if the property is subsequently set to True.


This example sets the chart workspace title and positions the chart workspace legend on the left side of the workspace.

Sub Format_ChartSpace()
    Dim chConstants
    Set chConstants = ChartSpace1.Constants
    ' Enable the title for the chartspace.
    ChartSpace1.HasChartSpaceTitle = True

    ' Set the chartspace title.
    ChartSpace1.ChartSpaceTitle.Caption = "Monthly Sales Data"
    ' Enable the legend for the chartspace.
    ChartSpace1.HasChartSpaceLegend = True

    ' Specify the position of the chartspace legend.
    ChartSpace1.ChartSpaceLegend.Position = chConstants.chLegendPositionLeft
End Sub

Applies to | ChartSpace Object

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