Smart Tags and the Persona Menu [Office 2003 SDK Documentation]

The Persona menu is a special menu that is associated with people's names in the Microsoft® Office 2003 Editions. The Persona menu can appear, for example, next to names in the Shared Workspace pane and on the To line in Microsoft Office Outlook®. The Persona menu displays status information for the user name with which it is associated and lists actions appropriate to that name, such as sending e-mail.

The Persona menu isn't a smart tag itself; it is an application that hosts a smart tag. The Persona menu allows actions to be extended for the PersonName smart tag type. Items on the Additional Actions submenu of the Persona menu are actions associated with the PersonName smart tag. To extend the Additional Actions submenu, you can build a smart tag action DLL or create an XML smart tag action list for the PersonName smart tag type.

Note  The PersonName smart tag is one of the smart tags included by default in Microsoft Office XP and in the Office 2003 Editions. The type for the PersonName smart tag is "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags#PersonName". The Persona menu works with the PersonName smart tag only.