Persona Menu Registry Keys [Office 2003 SDK Documentation]

Persona Menu Related Registry Keys:

Registry Key:


Policy Key:


The file Name value that can be written are Enabled, SmartTagsand PromoteSmartTags. The following describes what these values are:

1) Enabled (REG_DWORD; default: 1 (ON); Boolean)

Enables or disables the entire Persona menu along with the on object user interface. If you want to completely disable Instant Messaging features in all applications set this key to 0.

2) SmartTags (REG_DWORD; default: 1 (ON); Boolean)

Enables removal of the Smart Tags menu items (which is contained under Additional Actions item menu) from the Persona menu. When set to 0 it will remove the Additional Actions menu item from the Persona menu.

3) PromoteSmartTags (REG_DWORD; default: 1 (ON); Boolean)

Allows administrator to turn off smart tag promotion in Word and Excel by setting this key to 0. By default, smart tag promotion is enabled in the case where a recognized name matches a display name of someone in user's messenger's contact list.

You have to write the registry keys yourself as they aren't written by default when you install Office 2003. The Persona menu is on by default, so even if you don't have these keys written in the registry, you will still get the Persona menu as it's turned on by default.

Office Registry APIs (ORAPI) are used for Persona menu and here is how it works. First ORAPI checks if you have a policy setting in:


If it finds a value there, it uses it. If there is no policy value, it will go to the regular registry branch:


If it finds a value there, it will use it. If there is no value in the regular branch, it will use the default Office value for Persona menu (enabled by default). It works the same as any other registry keys in Office. This means you won't have these registry keys set by setup and you will get the default behavior. These keys cannot be set through a user interface. You have to set them manually in the registry or by running a script. You could also use Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc) to import Office11.ADM file (it can be found on the Office Resource Kit (ORK) CD) and then set the policy keys using the editor.