Comments Property

Returns a Comments collection that represents all the comments in the specified document, selection, or range. Read-only.

For information about returning a single member of a collection, see Returning an Object from a Collection .


This example adds a comment to the selected text.

ActiveDocument.ActiveWindow.View.ShowHiddenText = True
Selection.Comments.Add Range:=Selection.Range, Text:="Approved"

This example compares the author name of each comment in the active document with the user name on the User Information tab in the Options dialog box (Tools menu). If the names aren't the same, the comment reference mark is formatted to appear in red.

For Each comm In ActiveDocument.Comments
    If comm.Author <> Application.UserName Then _
        comm.Reference.Font.ColorIndex = wdRed
Next comm

Applies to | Document Object | Range Object | Selection Object

See Also | Add Method | ShowBy Property