Shading Property

Returns a Shading object that refers to the shading formatting for the specified object.


expression Required. An expression that returns one of the objects in the Applies To list.


This example applies yellow shading to the first paragraph in the selection.

With Selection.Paragraphs(1).Shading
    .Texture = wdTexture12Pt5Percent
    .BackgroundPatternColorIndex = wdYellow
    .ForegroundPatternColorIndex = wdBlack
End With

This example applies horizontal line texture to the first row in table one.

If ActiveDocument.Tables.Count >= 1 Then
    With ActiveDocument.Tables(1).Rows(1).Shading
        .Texture = wdTextureHorizontal
    End With
End If

This example applies 10 percent shading to the first word in the active document.

ActiveDocument.Words(1).Shading.Texture = wdTexture10Percent

Applies to | Cell Object | Cells Collection Object | Column Object | Columns Collection Object | ConditionalStyle Object | Font Object | Frame Object | Paragraph Object | ParagraphFormat Object | Paragraphs Collection Object | Range Object | Row Object | Rows Collection Object | Selection Object | Style Object | Table Object | TableStyle Object

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