IMAPIOfflineNotify::Notify [Outlook 2003 API Reference]

Sends notifications to the client about changes in connection state.

Quick Info

See IMAPIOfflineNotify.

    const MAPIOFFLINE_NOTIFY *pNotifyInfo



[in] The notification that Outlook sends to the client. The notification indicates the part of the connection state that has changed, the old connection state, and the new connection state.


Outlook uses this method to send notification callbacks to a client. To make this interface available to Outlook, the client must implement this interface and pass a pointer to it as a member in MAPIOFFLINE_ADVISEINFO when setting up callbacks using IMAPIOfflineMgr::Advise.

The client also passes to MAPIOFFLINE_ADVISEINFO a client token that Outlook uses in IMAPIOfflineNotify::Notify to identify the client registered for the notification callback.

In general, Outlook can notify a client of online/offline changes and other connection state changes, but the Offline State API supports only notifications for online/offline changes. The client must ignore all other notifications.

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