KeyUp Event

Occurs whenever the user releases a key on the keyboard.

Private Sub Object_KeyUp(ByValKeyCodeAsLong, ByValShiftAsLong)

*Object    * The name of the ChartSpace, PivotTable or Spreadsheet object that you are trapping this event for.

*KeyCode   * A Long that represents the key code of the key that was pressed or released.

*Shift   * The state of the SHIFT, CTRL, and ALT keys. Returns 1 if the SHIFT key was pressed, 2 if the CTRL key was pressed, and 4 if the ALT key was pressed. Returns 0 if neither the SHIFT, CTRL, nor ALT keys were pressed.


For information about using events with VBScript, see Declaring and Using Event Procedures in VBScript .

The sequence of keyboard-related events is:

  1. BeforeKeyDown
  2. KeyDown
  3. BeforeKeyPress
  4. KeyPress
  5. BeforeKeyUp
  6. KeyUp

Applies to | ChartSpace Object | PivotTable Object | Spreadsheet Object

See Also | BeforeKeyDown Event | BeforeKeyPress Event | BeforeKeyUp Event | KeyDown Event | KeyPress Event