Item types and message classes [Outlook 2003 Forms Help]

The type of an item is defined by its Type property. The message class for an item is defined by its MessageClass property.

Message class ID Item type is used to
IPM.Activity Create journal entries.
IPM.Appointment Create appointments.
IPM.Contact Create contacts.
IPM.DistList Create distribution lists
IPM.Document Create documents.
IPM.OLE.Class Create the exception item of a recurrence series.
IPM If the specified form cannot be found.
IPM.Note Create e-mail messages.
IPM.Note.IMC.Notification Create a report from the Internet Mail Connect (the Exchange Server gateway to the Internet).
IPM.Note.Rules.Oof.Template.Microsoft Show out-of-office templates.
IPM.Post Post a note in a folder.
IPM.StickyNote Create a note.
IPM.Recall.Report Create a message recall report.
IPM.Outlook.Recall Retrieve sent messages from recipient Inboxes.
IPM.Remote Represent a Remote Mail message header.
IPM.Note.Rules.ReplyTemplate.Microsoft Edit rule reply templates.
IPM.Report Report item status.
IPM.Resend Resend a failed message.
IPM.Schedule.Meeting.Canceled Send meeting cancellations.
IPM.Schedule.Meeting.Request Create meeting requests.
IPM.Schedule.Meeting.Resp.Neg Create decline meeting responses.
IPM.Schedule.Meeting.Resp.Pos Create accept meeting responses.
IPM.Schedule.Meeting.Resp.Tent Create tentative meeting responses.
IPM.Note.Secure Send encrypted notes to other people.
IPM.Note.Secure.Sign Send digitally signed notes to other people.
IPM.Task Create tasks.
IPM.TaskRequest.Accept Create accept task request responses.
IPM.TaskRequest.Decline Create decline task request responses.
IPM.TaskRequest Create task requests.
IPM.TaskRequest.Update Create updates to requested tasks.