Resolve Method

Attempts to resolve a Recipient object against the Address Book. Returns True if the object was resolved, False if it was not.


*expression   * Required. An expression that returns a Recipient object.


When you run a program that uses the Microsoft Outlook object model to call the Resolve method, you receive a warning message. This warning message tells you that a program is trying to access the Address Book on your behalf and asks if you want to allow this.


This Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) example uses CreateItem to create a simple task and delegate it as a task request to another user. Before running this example, replace 'Dan Wilson' with a valid recipient name.

Sub AssignTask()
    Dim myOlApp As New Outlook.Application
    Dim myItem As Outlook.TaskItem
    Dim myDelegate As Outlook.Recipient
    Set MyItem = myOlApp.CreateItem(olTaskItem)
    Set myDelegate = MyItem.Recipients.Add("Dan Wilson")
    If myDelegate.Resolved Then
        myItem.Subject = "Prepare Agenda For Meeting"
        myItem.DueDate = Now + 30
    End If
End Sub

Applies to | Recipient Object

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