SetIcon Method

Sets the icon for the specified shortcut on the Shortcuts pane.


*expression   * Required. An expression that returns an **OutlookBarShortcut**object.

Icon   Required Variant. The path of the icon.


The following Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) example creates a group called MicrosoftSites and adds a shortcut to the Microsoft Network Web page. Then it sets the icon of the shortcut to the icon image MSN.ico located on the user's computer. The example assumes that this icon exists in the specified location.

 Sub CreateMSNShortcutWithIcon()
    Dim outApp As New Outlook.Application
    Dim exp As Outlook.Explorer
    Dim pans As Outlook.Panes
    Dim bpan As Outlook.OutlookBarPane
    Dim bgrps As Outlook.OutlookBarGroups
    Dim bgrp As Outlook.OutlookBarGroup
    Dim bscs As Outlook.OutlookBarShortcuts
    Dim bsc As Outlook.OutlookBarShortcut
    Dim bsc2 As Outlook.OutlookBarShortcut

    Set exp = outApp.ActiveExplorer
    Set pans = exp.Panes
    Set bpan = pans.Item("OutlookBar")
    Set bgrps = bpan.Contents.Groups
    Set bgrp = bgrps.Add("MicrosoftSites")
    Set bscs = bgrp.Shortcuts
    Set bsc = bscs.Add("", "MSN Home Page")
    bsc.SetIcon "C:\MSN.ico"
End Sub

Applies to | OutlookBarShortcut Object

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