NoteItem Object

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Represents a note in a Notes folder.

A NoteItem    is not customizable. If you open a new note, you will notice that it is not possible to place it in design time.

The Subject property of a NoteItem    object is read-only because it is calculated from the body text of the note. Also, the NoteItem    Body can only be rich text, so the properties that correspond to HTML and Microsoft Word content do not apply. Although the GetInspector property will work on notes, because notes can't be customized, some of the Inspector properties and methods will not apply to a NoteItem   .

Using the NoteItem Object

Use the CreateItem method to create a NoteItem    object that represents a new note. The following Microsoft Visual Basic example returns a new note.

Set myOlApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
Set myItem = myOlApp.CreateItem(olNoteItem)

The following example shows how to create a NoteItem    object using Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript).

Set myItem = Application.CreateItem(5)

Use Items (index), where index is the index number of a note or a value used to match the default property of a note, to return a single NoteItem    object from a Notes folder.

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