RemoteItem Object

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Represents a remote item in an Inbox (mail) folder. The RemoteItem object is similar to the MailItem object, but it contains only the Subject, Received Date and Time, Sender, Size, and the first 256 characters of the body of the message. It is used to give someone connecting in remote mode enough information to decide whether or not to download the corresponding mail message. However, the headers in items contained in an Offline Folders file (.ost) cannot be accessed using the RemoteItem object.

Using the RemoteItem Object

Unlike other Microsoft Outlook objects, you cannot create this object. Remote items are created by Outlook automatically when you use a Remote Access System (RAS) connection. Each RemoteItem object created on the local system corresponds to a preexisting MailItem object on the remote system.

The RemoteItem object inherits a number of properties, methods, and events that, because of the nature of the object, have no function. The Object Browser shows these properties, methods, and events as belonging to the RemoteItem object, but trying to use them will produce no effect.

The methods that do not work for the RemoteItem object include Close, Copy, Display, Move, and Save.

The properties that do not work for the RemoteItem object include BillingInformation, Body, Categories, Companies, and Mileage.

The events that do not work for the RemoteItem object include Open, Close, Forward, Reply, ReplyAll, and Send.

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