Subdocuments Collection Object

Multiple objects

A collection of Subdocument objects that represent the subdocuments in a range or document.

Using the Subdocuments Collection

Use the Subdocuments property to return the Subdocuments collection. The following example expands all the subdocuments in the active document.

ActiveDocument.Subdocuments.Expanded = True

Use the AddFromFile or AddFromRange method to add a subdocument to a document. The following example adds a subdocument named "Setup.doc" at the end of the active document.

ActiveDocument.Subdocuments.Expanded = True
Selection.EndKey Unit:=wdStory
ActiveDocument.Subdocuments.AddFromFile Name:="C:\Temp\Setup.doc"

The following example applies the Heading 1 style to the first paragraph in the selection and then creates a subdocument for the contents of the selection.

Selection.Paragraphs(1).Style = wdStyleHeading1
With ActiveDocument.Subdocuments
    .Expanded = True
    .AddFromRange Range:=Selection.Range
End With

Use Subdocuments(index), where index is the index number, to return a single Subdocument object. The following example displays the path and file name of the first subdocument in the active document.

If ActiveDocument.Subdocuments(1).HasFile = True Then
    MsgBox ActiveDocument.Subdocuments(1).Path & _
        Application.PathSeparator _
        & ActiveDocument.Subdocuments(1).Name
End If

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