WrapFormat Object

Multiple objects

Represents all the properties for wrapping text around a shape or shape range.

Using the WrapFormat Object

Use the WrapFormat property to return the WrapFormat object. The following example adds an oval to the active document and specifies that document text wrap around the left and right sides of the square that circumscribes the oval. There will be a 0.1-inch margin between the document text and the top, bottom, left side, and right side of the square.

Set myOval = _
    ActiveDocument.Shapes.AddShape(msoShapeOval, 36, 36, 100, 35)
With myOval.WrapFormat
    .Type = wdWrapSquare
    .Side = wdWrapBoth
    .DistanceTop = InchesToPoints(0.1)
    .DistanceBottom = InchesToPoints(0.1)
    .DistanceLeft = InchesToPoints(0.1)
    .DistanceRight = InchesToPoints(0.1)
End With

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