XMLNodes Collection

Multiple objects
Multiple objects

A collection of XMLNode objects that represents the nodes in the tree view of the XML Structure task pane, which indicates the elements that a user has applied to a document. Each node in the tree view is an instance of an XMLNode object. The hierarchy in the tree view indicates whether a node contains child nodes.

You can return an XMLNodes collection for a selection, a range, or the entire document. The order in which the XMLNode objects appear in the XMLNodes collection is the same order in which their start or end tags appear within the specified selection, range, or document.

Using the XMLNodes Collection

Use the Item method of the XMLNodes collection to return an individual XMLNode object. Use the Validate method to verify that an XML element is valid according to the applied schemas and that any required child elements exist and are in the required order. Once you run the Validate method, use the ValidationStatus property to verify whether an element is valid and the ValidationErrorText property to display a message to the user as to what the user needs to fix in order to make the XML in the document conform to the XML schema rules.

The following example validates each of the XML elements in the active document and, if the element or attribute is found to be invalid against the schema, returns a message to the user explaining why the element is invalid.

Dim objNode As XMLNode
For Each objNode In ActiveDocument.XMLNodes
    If objNode.ValidationStatus <> wdXMLValidationStatusOK Then
        MsgBox objNode.ValidationErrorText(True)
    End If

Use the Add method to add an XML element to a selection, a range, or the document. The following example inserts the example element from the SimpleSample schema into the active document at the insertion point or surrounding the active selection.

Note  Because XML is case sensitive, the XML element as typed in the Name parameter of the Add method must be typed exactly as it appears in the schema referenced in the Namespace parameter.

Dim objNode As XMLNode
Dim intResponse As Integer
Set objNode = Selection.XMLNodes.Add("example", "SimpleSample")
If objNode.ValidationStatus < 0 Then
    intResponse = MsgBox("This element is invalid. " & _
        "Are you sure you want to add it?", vbYesNo)
    If intResponse = vbNo Then objNode.Delete
End If

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