Anchor Property

Returns a Range object that represents the anchoring range for the specified shape or shape range. Read-only.


All Shape objects are anchored to a range of text but can be positioned anywhere on the page that contains the anchor. If you specify the anchoring range when you create a shape, the anchor is positioned at the beginning of the first paragraph that contains the anchoring range. If you don't specify the anchoring range, the anchoring range is selected automatically and the shape is positioned relative to the top and left edges of the page.

The shape will always remain on the same page as its anchor. If the LockAnchor property for the shape is set to True, you cannot drag the anchor from its position on the page.

If you use this property on a ShapeRange object that contains more than one shape, an error occurs.


This example selects the paragraph that the first shape in the active document is anchored to.


Applies to | Shape Object | ShapeRange Collection Object

See Also | InlineShape Object | LockAnchor Property | RelativeHorizontalPosition Property | RelativeVerticalPosition Property | ShowObjectAnchors Property