Frame Property

Returns a Frame object that represents the frame formatting for the specified style or find-and-replace operation. Read-only.


This example creates a style with frame formatting and then applies the style to the first paragraph in the selection.

Dim styleNew As Style

Set styleNew = ActiveDocument.Styles _
    .Add(Name:="frame", Type:=wdStyleTypeParagraph)
With styleNew.Frame
    .RelativeHorizontalPosition = _
    .HeightRule = wdFrameAuto
    .WidthRule = wdFrameAuto
    .TextWrap = True
End With
Selection.Paragraphs(1).Range.Style = "frame"

This example finds the first frame with wrap around formatting. If such a frame is found, a message is displayed on the status bar.

With ActiveDocument.Content.Find
    .Text = ""
    .Frame.TextWrap = True
    .Execute Forward:=True, Wrap:=wdFindContinue, Format:=True
    If .Found = True Then StatusBar = "Frame was found"
End With

Applies to | Find Object | Replacement Object | Style Object

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