GrammarChecked Property

True if a grammar check has been run on the specified range or document. False if some of the specified range or document hasn't been checked for grammar. Read/write Boolean.


To recheck the grammar in a range or document, set the GrammarChecked property to False.


This example determines whether grammar has been checked in the active document. If it has, the word count is displayed. If grammar hasn't been checked, a spelling and grammar check is started.

Set myStat = ActiveDocument.ReadabilityStatistics
passGram = ActiveDocument.GrammarChecked
If passGram = True Then
    Msgbox myStat(1).Name & " - " & myStat(1).Value
End If

This example sets the GrammarChecked property to False for the active document, and then it runs a grammar check again.

ActiveDocument.GrammarChecked= FalseActiveDocument.CheckGrammar

Applies to | Document Object | Range Object

See Also | CheckGrammar Method | CheckGrammarAsYouType Property