Ink Property

Returns or sets a Single that represents the degree of saturation for a specified ink. Read/write.


expression Required. An expression that returns a ColorFormat object.

Index   Required Long. The number of the ink.


The value of the Ink property can be any number between 0 and 1. Zero (0) means no ink; one (1) means full saturation. For example, 0.5 would be 50% saturation of the specified ink.


This example creates a new shape in the active document, sets the fill color, and specifies the degree of saturation for two of the four CMYK colors.

Sub TintShade()
    Dim shpHeart As Shape
    Set shpHeart = ActiveDocument.Shapes.AddShape( _
        Type:=msoShapeHeart, Left:=150, _
        Top:=150, Width:=250, Height:=250)
    With shpHeart.Fill.ForeColor
        .SetCMYK Cyan:=0, Magenta:=125, Yellow:=12, Black:=25
        .TintAndShade = 0.3
        .OverPrint = msoTrue
        .Ink(Index:=1) = 0.3
        .Ink(Index:=2) = 0.7
    End With
End Sub

Applies to | ColorFormat Object