Next Property

Returns the next object in the collection. Read-only.


This example activates the next window.

If Windows.Count > 1 Then ActiveDocument.ActiveWindow.Next.Activate

If the selection is in a table, this example selects the contents of the next table cell.

If Selection.Information(wdWithInTable) = True Then
End If

This example updates the fields in the first section in the active document as long as the Next method returns a Field object and the field isn't a FILLIN field.

If ActiveDocument.Sections(1).Range.Fields.Count >= 1 Then
    Set myField = ActiveDocument.Fields(1)
    While Not (myField Is Nothing)
        If myField.Type <> wdFieldFillIn Then myField.Update
        Set myField = myField.Next
End If

This example indents the second paragraph in the selection.


Applies to | Cell Object | Column Object | Field Object | FormField Object | MailMergeField Object | Pane Object | Row Object | TabStop Object | TextFrame Object | Window Object