NumberingRule Property


WdNumberingRule can be one of these WdNumberingRule constants.
wdRestartPage Applies to the Footnotes object only.


expression Required. An expression that returns one of the objects in the Applies To list.


This example restarts endnote numbering after each section break in the active document.

ActiveDocument.Endnotes.NumberingRule = wdRestartSection

If the footnote numbering in section one is set to restart after each section break, this example sets the numbering to restart on each page.

Set myRange = ActiveDocument.Sections(1).Range
If myRange.Footnotes.NumberingRule = wdRestartSection Then
    myRange.Footnotes.NumberingRule = wdRestartPage
End If

Applies to | EndnoteOptions Object | Endnotes Collection Object | FootnoteOptions Object | Footnotes Collection Object

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