OrganizerCopy Method

Copies the specified AutoText entry, toolbar, style, or macro project item from the source document or template to the destination document or template.

expression**.OrganizerCopy(Source**, Destination, Name, Object)

expression Required. An expression that returns an Application object.

Source    Required String. The document or template file name that contains the item you want to copy.

Destination    Required String. The document or template file name to which you want to copy an item.

Name    Required String. The name of the AutoText entry, toolbar, style, or macro you want to copy.


WdOrganizerObject can be one of these WdOrganizerObject constants.


This example copies all the AutoText entries in the template attached to the active document to the Normal template.

Dim atEntry As AutoTextEntry

For Each atEntry In _
    Application.OrganizerCopy _
        Source:=ActiveDocument.AttachedTemplate.FullName, _
        Destination:=NormalTemplate.FullName, Name:=atEntry.Name, _
Next atEntry

If the style named "SubText" exists in the active document, this example copies the style to C:\Templates\

Dim styleLoop As Style

For Each styleLoop In ActiveDocument.Styles
    If styleLoop = "SubText" Then
        Application.OrganizerCopy Source:=ActiveDocument.Name, _
            Destination:="C:\Templates\", _
            Name:="SubText", _
    End If
Next styleLoop

Applies to | Application Object

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