PasteAndFormat Method

Pastes the selected table cells and formats them as specified.


expression Required. An expression that returns one of the objects in the Applies To list.


WdRecoveryType can be one of these WdRecoveryType constants.
wdChart Pastes a Microsoft Excel chart as an embedded OLE object.
wdChartLinked Pastes an Excel chart and links it to the original Excel spreadsheet.
wdChartPicture Pastes an Excel chart as a picture.
wdFormatOriginalFormatting Preserves original formatting of the pasted material.
wdFormatPlainText Pastes as plain, unformatted text.
wdFormatSurroundingFormattingWithEmphasis Matches the formatting of the pasted text to the formatting of surrounding text.
wdListCombineWithExistingList Merges a pasted list with neighboring lists.
wdListContinueNumbering Continues numbering of a pasted list from the list in the document.
wdListRestartNumbering Restarts numbering of a pasted list.
wdSingleCellTable Pastes a single cell table as a separate table.
wdSingleCellText Pastes a single cell as text.
wdTableAppendTable Merges pasted cells into an existing table by inserting the pasted rows between the selected rows.
wdTableInsertAsRows Inserts a pasted table as rows between two rows in the target table.
wdTableOriginalFormatting Pastes an appended table without merging table styles.
wdTableOverwriteCells Pastes table cells and overwrites existing table cells.


This example pastes a selected Microsoft Excel chart as a picture. This example assumes that the Clipboard contains an Excel chart.

Sub PasteChart()
    Selection.PasteAndFormat Type:=wdChartPicture
End Sub

Applies to | Range Object | Selection Object