PreviousRevision Method

Locates and returns the previous tracked change as a Revision object.


expression Required. An expression that returns a Selection object.

Wrap    Optional Variant. True to continue searching for a revision at the end of the document when the beginning of the document is reached. The default value is False.


This example selects the last tracked change in the first section in the active document and displays the date and time of the change.

Selection.EndOf Unit:=wdStory, Extend:=wdMove
Set myRev = Selection.PreviousRevision
If Not (myRev Is Nothing) Then MsgBox myRev.Date

This example rejects the previous tracked change found if the change type is deleted or inserted text. If the tracked change is a style change, the change is accepted.

Set myRev = Selection.PreviousRevision(Wrap:=True)
If Not (myRev Is Nothing) Then
    Select Case myRev.Type
        Case wdRevisionDelete
        Case wdRevisionInsert
        Case wdRevisionStyle
    End Select
End If

Applies to | Selection Object

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