Select Method

Select method as it applies to the Shape and ShapeRange objects.

Selects the specified object.


expression Required. An expression that returns one of the above objects.

Replace   Optional Variant. If adding a shape, True replaces the selection. False adds the new shape to the selection.

Select method as it applies to all other objects in the Applies To list.

Selects the specified object.

Note  After using this method, use the Selection property to work with the selected items. For more information, see Working with the Selection object .


expression Required. An expression that returns one of the above objects.


As it applies to the Range object.

This example selects the first paragraph in the active document.

Sub SelectParagraph()
    Selection.Font.Bold = True
End Sub

As it applies to the Row object.

This example selects row one in table one of Report.doc.


As it applies to the Field object.

This example updates and selects the first field in the active document.

ActiveDocument.ActiveWindow.View.FieldShading = _
If ActiveDocument.Fields.Count >= 1 Then
    With ActiveDocument.Fields(1)
    End With
End If

Applies to | Bookmark Object | Cell Object | Column Object | Columns Collection Object | Document Object | Field Object | FormField Object | Frame Object | InlineShape Object | MailMergeField Object | PageNumber Object | Range Object | Row Object | Rows Collection Object | Selection Object | Shape Object | ShapeRange Collection Object | SmartTag Object | Subdocuments Collection Object | Table Object

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