SelectCurrentTabs Method

Extends the selection forward until a paragraph with different tab stops is encountered.


expression Required. An expression that returns a Selection object.


This example selects the second paragraph in the active document and then extends the selection to include all other paragraphs that have the same tab stops.

Set myRange = ActiveDocument.Paragraphs(2).Range

This example selects paragraphs that have the same tab stops and retrieves the position of the first tab stop. The example moves the selection to the next range of paragraphs that have the same tab stops. The example then adds the tab stop setting from the first group of paragraphs to the current selection.

With Selection
    pos = .Paragraphs.TabStops(1).Position
    .Collapse Direction:=wdCollapseEnd
    .Paragraphs.TabStops.Add Position:=pos
End With

Applies to | Selection Object

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