SetValidationError Method

Changes the validation error text displayed to a user for a specified node and forces Word to report a node as invalid.

expression.SetValidationError(Status, ErrorText, ClearedAutomatically)

expression Required. An expression that returns one of the objects in the Applies To list.


WdXMLValidationStatus can be one of the following WdXMLValidationStatus constants


ErrorText    Optional Variant. The text displayed to the user. Leave blank when the Status parameter is set to wdXMLValidationStatusOK.

ClearedAutomatically    Optional Boolean. True automatically clears the error message as soon as the next validation event occurs on the specified node. False requires running the SetValidationError method with a Status parameter of wdXMLValidationStatusOK to clear the custom error text.


To set custom error text, use the wdXMLValidationStatusCustom constant.


The following example specifies custom validation error text.

Dim objNode As XMLNode

Set objNode = ActiveDocument.XMLNodes(1)
objNode.SetValidationError wdXMLValidationStatusCustom, _
    "Error Text", True

Applies to | XMLNode Object