Border Object


Represents a border of an object. The Border object is a member of the Borders collection.

Using the Border Object

Use Borders(index), where index identifies the border, to return a single Border object. Index can be one of the following WdBorderType constants: wdBorderBottom, wdBorderDiagonalDown, wdBorderDiagonalUp, wdBorderHorizontal, wdBorderLeft, wdBorderRight, wdBorderTop, or wdBorderVertical. Use the LineStyle property to apply a border line to a Border object. The following example applies a double-line border below the first paragraph in the active document.

With ActiveDocument.Paragraphs(1).Borders(wdBorderBottom)
    .LineStyle = wdLineStyleDouble
    .LineWidth = wdLineWidth025pt
End With

The following example applies a single-line border around the first character in the selection.

With Selection.Characters(1)
    .Font.Size = 36
    .Borders.Enable = True
End With

The following example adds an art border around each page in the first section.

For Each aBorder In ActiveDocument.Sections(1).Borders
    With aBorder
        .ArtStyle = wdArtSeattle
        .ArtWidth = 20
    End With
Next aBorder

Border objects cannot be added to the Borders collection. The number of members in the Borders collection is finite and varies depending on the type of object. For example, a table has six elements in the Borders collection, whereas a paragraph has four.

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