ListLevel Object

Multiple objects

Represents a single list level, either the only level for a bulleted or numbered list or one of the nine levels of an outline numbered list. The ListLevel object is a member of the ListLevels collection.

Using the ListLevel Object

Use ListLevels(index), where index is a number from 1 through 9, to return a single ListLevel object. The following example sets list level one of list template one in the active document to start at 4.

ActiveDocument.ListTemplates(1).ListLevels(1).StartAt = 4


The ListLevel object gives you access to all the formatting properties for the specified list level, such as the Alignment, Font, NumberFormat, NumberPosition, NumberStyle, and TrailingCharacter properties.

To apply a list level, first identify the range or list, and then use the ApplyListTemplate method. Each tab at the beginning of the paragraph is translated into a list level. For example, a paragraph that begins with three tabs will become a level-three list paragraph after the ApplyListTemplate method is used.

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