CloseButton Property [Access 2003 VBA Language Reference]

Specifies whether the Close button on a form is enabled. Read/write Boolean.


expression Required. An expression that returns one of the objects in the Applies To list.


The CloseButton property uses the following settings.

Setting Visual Basic Description
Yes True (Default) The Close button is enabled.
No False The Close button is disabled and the Close command isn't available on the Control menu.

You can set the CloseButton property by using the form's property sheet , a macro , or Visual Basic .

You can set the CloseButton property only in form Design view.


If you set the CloseButton property to No, the Close button remains visible but appears dimmed (grayed), and you must provide some other way to close the form — for example, a command button or custom menu command that runs a macro or event procedure that closes the form.


You can also close the form by pressing ALT+F4.

Applies to | Form Object | Report Object

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