DatasheetCellsEffect Property [Access 2003 VBA Language Reference]

You can use the DatasheetCellsEffect property to specify whether special effects are applied to cells in a datasheet. Read/write Byte.


expression Required. An expression that returns one of the objects in the Applies To list.


The DatasheetCellsEffect property applies only to objects in Datasheet view.

This property is only available in Visual Basic within a Microsoft Access database (.mdb)

The DatasheetCellsEffect property uses the following settings.

Setting Visual Basic Description
Flat acEffectNormal (Default) No special effects are applied to the cells in the datasheet.
Raised acEffectRaised Cells in the datasheet appear raised.
Sunken acEffectSunken Cells in the datasheet appear sunken.

Note  You can set this property by using Special Effect button on the Formatting (Datasheet) toolbar, and in an Access database (.mdb), by using a macro , or by using Visual Basic.

The following setting information applies to both Access databases (.mdb) and Access projects (.adp):

You can also set this property by selecting the type of cell effect under Cell Effect in the Cells Effects dialog box, available by clicking Cells on the Format menu.

You can set the default DatasheetCellsEffect property by using the settings under Default Cell Effect on the Datasheet tab of the Options dialog box, available by clicking Options on the Tools menu.

This property applies the selected effect to the entire datasheet.

When this property is set to Raised or Sunken, gridlines will be visible on the datasheet regardless of the DatasheetGridlinesBehavior property setting.

The following table contains the properties that don't exist in the DAO Properties collection of until you set them by using the Formatting (Datasheet) toolbar or you can add them in an Access database (.mdb) by using the CreateProperty method and append it to the DAO Properties collection.

DatasheetFontItalic * DatasheetForeColor *
DatasheetFontHeight * DatasheetBackColor
DatasheetFontName * DatasheetGridlinesColor
DatasheetFontUnderline * DatasheetGridlinesBehavior
DatasheetFontWeight * DatasheetCellsEffect

Note  When you add or set any property listed with an asterisk, Microsoft Access automatically adds all the properties listed with an asterisk to the Properties collection in the database.

Applies to | Form Object

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