VerticalDistanceFromText Property

Returns or sets the vertical distance (in points) between a frame and the surrounding text. Read/write Single.


expression Required. An expression that returns a Frame object.


This example sets the vertical distance between the selected frame and the surrounding text to 12 points.

If Selection.Frames.Count = 1 Then
    Selection.Frames(1).VerticalDistanceFromText = 12
End If

This example adds a frame around the selection and sets several properties of the frame.

Set aFrame = ActiveDocument.Frames.Add(Range:=Selection.Range)
With aFrame
    .HorizontalDistanceFromText = InchesToPoints(0.13)
    .VerticalDistanceFromText = InchesToPoints(0.13)
    .HeightRule = wdFrameAuto
    .WidthRule = wdFrameAuto
End With

Applies to | Frame Object

See Also | HorizontalDistanceFromText Property