Request (MSPL)

Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 with SP1

Request (MSPL)

The Request built-in class defines a SIP request, and includes the method type as well as the request URI.


class Request {
    string Method;
    StandardMethod StandardMethod;
    string RequestURI;


This object inherits from Message.


The Request class defines the following fields.

Field Description

Data type: string

Contains the request method type as a Unicode string; for example, "INVITE" or "REGISTER". This field may also contain a custom method type.


Data type: StandardMethod

Contains the request method type as a StandardMethod constant. If the method type is nonstandard (for example, a custom method type), this field will contain StandardMethod.NonStandard.


Data type: string

Contains the request URI header value as a Unicode string. This header can be parsed for parameter values using the GetUriParameter function.

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