Request.StandardMethodType enumeration

Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 with SP1


The Request.StandardMethodType enumeration defines a list of common SIP methods.

public enum Request.StandardMethodType


Member Description
NonstandardMethod A nonstandard SIP method (any defined SIP method not listed in this enumeration).
Invite The SIP INVITE method.
Ack The SIP ACK method.
Bye The SIP BYE method.
Options The SIP OPTIONS method.
Register The SIP REGISTER method.
Subscribe The SIP SUBSCRIBE method.
Notify The SIP NOTIFY method.
Message The SIP MESSAGE method.
Service The SIP SERVICE method.
Info The SIP INFO method.
Refer The SIP REFER method.


Redistributable: Requires Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 with SP1.
Namespace: Microsoft.Rtc.Sip
Assembly: ServerAgent (in ServerAgent.dll)

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