StandardHeader enumeration

Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 with SP1


The StandardHeader enumeration values identify the standard headers used by Live Communications Server 2005 with SP1. To speed up access, StandardHeader values can be passed, instead of the header name string, to the GetHeaderValues and SetParameterValues functions.

public enum StandardHeader


Member Description
Nonstandard The header is not one of the enumerated headers.
Via SIP Via header.
Contact SIP Contact header.
Route SIP Route header.
To SIP To header.
From SIP From header.
CallID SIP Call-ID header.
CSeq SIP CSeq header.
ContentLength SIP Content-Length header.
ProxyAuthorization SIP Proxy-Authorization header.
AuthenticationInfo SIP Authentication-Info header.
Authorization SIP Authorization header.
Event SIP Event header.
Expires SIP Expires header.
MaxForwards SIP Max-Forwards header.
ProxyAuthenticate SIP Proxy-Authenticate header.
ProxyAuthenticationInfo SIP Proxy-Authentication-Info header.
Accept SIP Accept header.
AcceptEncoding SIP Accept-Encoding header.
AcceptLanguage SIP Accept-Language header.
Allow SIP Allow header.
AllowEvents SIP Allow-Events header.
ContentDisposition SIP Content-Disposition header.
ContentEncoding SIP Content-Encoding header.
ContentLanguage SIP Content-Language header.
ContentType SIP Content-Type header.
Date SIP Date header.
Hide SIP Hide header.
InReplyTo SIP In-Reply-To header.
MimeVersion SIP Mime-Version header.
Organization SIP Organization header.
Priority SIP Priority header.
ProxyRequire SIP Proxy-Require header.
Require SIP Require header.
RetryAfter SIP Retry-After header.
Server SIP Server header.
Subject SIP Subject header.
Supported SIP Supported header.
TimeStamp SIP Time-Stamp header.
Unsupported SIP Unsupported header.
UserAgent SIP User-Agent header.
Warning SIP Warning header.
WWWAuthenticate SIP WWW-Authenticate header.
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