ShapeFixedCode Element

Visio XML Reference

Specifies placement behavior for a placeable shape.

Value Description


Don't move this shape when using the Lay Out Shapes command in Microsoft Office Visio.


Don't move this shape and do not allow other placeable shapes to be placed on it.


Don't move this shape but do allow other placeable shapes to be placed on it.


Ignore connection point locations when being routed to.


Only allow routing to sides with connection points.


Don't glue to the perimeter of this shape. Glue to the shape's alignment box instead.

You can set any combination of these values for this cell. For example, you can enter the value 3, which eliminates movement when a user selects Lay Out Shapes (Shapes menu) and when other placeable shapes are placed on or near the shape.





Optional string. Represents a unit of measure. The default is NUM. For details about NUM, see Units of measure.


Optional string. Represents the element's formula. This attribute can contain one of the following strings: "someFormula" if the formula exists locally, "No Formula" if the formula is locally deleted or blocked, or "Inh" if the formula is inherited.

If the attribute is not present, the element's formula is a simple constant, for example, <element>5</element>.


Optional string. Indicates that the formula evaluates to an error. The value of Err is the current value (an error message string); the value of the element is the last valid value.

Element properties

Property Value
Name ShapeFixedCode
Minimum Occurrences 0
Maximum Occurrences 1

Element information

Parent elements


Child elements



The ShapeFixedCode element is relevant only when contained in a Shape or StyleSheet element. It is ignored when contained in a DocumentSheet or PageSheet element.

See also

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