ListObject.Name Property

Excel Developer Reference

Returns or sets a String value that represents the name of the ListObject object.



expression   An expression that returns a ListObject object.

Return Value


This name is used solely as a unique identifier for the Item property of the **ListObjects**collection objects. This property can only be set through the object model.

By default, each ListObject object name begins with the word "List", followed by a number (no spaces). If an attempt is made to set the Name property to a name already used by another ListObject object, a run-time error is thrown.


The following example displays the name of the default ListObject object in sheet1 of the active workbook.

Visual Basic for Applications
  Sub Test  
 Dim wrksht As Worksheet
   Dim oListObj As ListObject
   Set wrksht = ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("Sheet1")
   Set oListObj = wrksht.ListObjects(1)
   MsgBox oListObj.Name  
End Sub

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