NameSpace.SendAndReceive Method

Outlook Developer Reference

Initiates immediate delivery of all undelivered messages submitted in the current session, and immediate receipt of mail for all accounts in the current profile.

Version Information
 Version Added:  Outlook 2007



expression   A variable that represents a NameSpace object.


Name Required/Optional Data Type Description
showProgressDialog Required Boolean Indicates whether the Outlook Send/Receive Progress dialog box should be displayed, regardless of user settings.


Calling the SendAndReceive method is synchronous.

SendAndReceive provides the programmatic equivalent to the Send/Receive All command that is available when you click Tools and then Send/Receive.

If you do not need to synchronize all objects, you can use the SyncObjects collection object to select specific objects. For more information, see NameSpace.SyncObjects.

All accounts defined in the current profile are used in Send/Receive All. If an online connection is required to perform the Send/Receive All, then the connection is made according to user preferences.

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