RoutingSlip Object

Excel Developer Reference

Represents the routing slip for a workbook. The routing slip is used to send a workbook through the electronic mail system.


The RoutingSlip object doesn’t exist and cannot be returned unless the HasRoutingSlip property for the workbook is True.


Use the RoutingSlip property to return the RoutingSlip object. The following example sets the delivery style for the routing slip attached to the active workbook. For a more detailed example, see the RoutingSlip property.

Bb178287.vs_note(en-us,office.12).gif  Note
Should not be used for Excel 2007 as the feature has been depricated.
Visual Basic for Applications
  ActiveWorkbook.HasRoutingSlip = True
ActiveWorkbook.RoutingSlip.Delivery = xlOneAfterAnother

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