SmartTagOptions Object

Excel Developer Reference

Represents the options that can be performed with smart tags.


Use the SmartTagOptions property of the Workbook object to return a SmartTagOptions object.

Once a SmartTagOptions object is returned, you can use the following properties to determine the display options of smart tags and whether or not to have smart tags be embedded on the active workbook.


This example enables the ability to embed smart tags on the active workbook and then checks the display settings for smart tags.

Visual Basic for Applications
  Sub CheckDisplayOptions()
'Enable SmartTags to be embedded on the active workbook.
ActiveWorkbook.SmartTagOptions.EmbedSmartTags = True

' Check the display options for smart tags.
Select Case ActiveWorkbook.SmartTagOptions.DisplaySmartTags
    Case xlButtonOnly
        MsgBox "The button for smart tags will only be displayed."
    Case xlDisplayNone
        MsgBox "Nothing will be displayed for smart tags."
    Case xlIndicatorAndButton
        MsgBox "The button and indicator will be displayed for smart tags."
End Select

End Sub

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