Window.Height Property

Project Developer Reference

Returns or sets the height of a project window in points. Read/write Long.



expression   A variable that represents a Window object.

Return Value

A window changes its height by moving its bottom edge, leaving the top edge unaffected.

The following example places the main window in the lower half of the screen.

Visual Basic for Applications
  Sub PlaceProjectInLowerScreenHalf()
Dim WindowWidth As Double
Application.WindowState = pjMaximized
WindowWidth = Application.Width        'Remember the width when maximized.
Application.<strong class="bterm">Height</strong> = Application.<strong class="bterm">Height</strong> / 2
Application.Top = Application.<strong class="bterm">Height</strong>

 'Ensure that the window uses all the available width.
If Application.Width &lt; WindowWidth Then
    Application.Width = WindowWidth
    Application.Left = 0
End If

End Sub

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