Subproject Object Members

Project Developer Reference

A Subproject object represents one subproject in a master project.


  Name Description,office.12).gif Application Returns an Application object. Read-only Object.,office.12).gif Index Returns the index of an object in its containing collection. Read-only Long.,office.12).gif InsertedProjectSummary Returns a Task object representing the subproject's summary task in the master project. Read-only Object,office.12).gif IsLoaded True if the specified subproject is currently loaded. Read-only.,office.12).gif LinkToSource True if task information in a subproject changes to reflect updates in the master project. Read/write Boolean.,office.12).gif Parent Returns the parent of the object. Read-only Object.,office.12).gif Path Returns or sets the path to the source project. Read/write String.,office.12).gif ReadOnly True if changes in the project affect its master project. Read/write Boolean.,office.12).gif SourceProject Returns a Project object representing the master project. Read-only Object.