View.XML Property

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Returns or sets a String value that specifies the XML definition of the current view. Read/write.



expression   A variable that represents a View object.


The XML definition describes the view type by using a series of tags and keywords corresponding to various properties of the view itself. When the view is created, the XML definition is parsed to render the settings for the new view.

To determine how the XML should be structured when creating views, you can create a view by using the Outlook user interface and then you can retrieve the XML property for that view.


The following Microsoft Visual Basic/Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) example creates an instance of the Views collection and displays the XML definition of a view called "Table View". If the view does not exist, it creates one.

Visual Basic for Applications
  Sub DisplayViewDef()
    'Displays the XML definition of a View object
    Dim objName As Outlook.NameSpace
    Dim objViews As Outlook.Views
    Dim objView As Outlook.View
Set objName = Application.GetNamespace("MAPI")
Set objViews = objName.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderInbox).Views
'Return a view called Table View if it already exists, else create one
Set objView = objViews.Item("Table View")
If objView Is Nothing Then
      Set objView = objViews.Add("Table View", olTableView, olViewSaveOptionAllFoldersOfType)
End If
MsgBox objView.<strong class="bterm">XML</strong>

End Sub

The following are the modified properties that are visible in the following XML source code. In addition to the property definitions, the XML source also defines any objects that make up the view. The following example displays the XML definition of columns that appear in the above view.

  <heading>Flag Status</heading>

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