Subproject Object

Project Developer Reference

Represents a subproject. The Subproject object is a member of the Subprojects collection.

Using the Subproject Object

Use Subprojects(Index), where Index is the subproject index or project summary task name, to return a single Subproject object. The following example prevents changes made to the specified subproject in a master project from being automatically made to the source project.

  ActiveProject.Subprojects("Arcadia Bay Online Catalog Plan").LinkToSource = False

Using the Subprojects Collection

Use the Subprojects property to return a Subprojects collection. The following example cautions the user if any of the subprojects in the active project are not on the hard disk.

  Dim SubProj As Subproject

For Each SubProj in ActiveProject.Subprojects If UCase(Left$(SubProj.Path, 1)) <> "C" Then MsgBox Right$(SubProj.Path, InStrRev(SubProj.Path, "") - 1) & _ " is not on your local hard disk.", vbExclamation End If Next SubProj

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