TaskDependency Object

Project Developer Reference

Represents the link type and link lag information between two tasks. The TaskDependency object is a member of the TaskDependencies collection.

Using the TaskDependency Object

Use TaskDependencies(Index), where Index is the dependency index, to return a single TaskDependency object. The following example adds 1.5 days of lag to the link between the specified task and the predecessor specified in its first task dependency.

  ActiveProject.Tasks("Draft Initial Business Case").TaskDependencies(1).Lag = "1.5d"

Using the TaskDependencies Collection

Use the TaskDependencies property to return a TaskDependencies collection. The following example examines each predecessor for the specified task and displays a message for each that has a priority of "High" or better.

  Dim TaskDep As TaskDependency

For Each TaskDep In ActiveProject.Tasks("Write Requirements Brief").TaskDependencies If TaskDep.From.Priority > 500 Then MsgBox "Task #" & TaskDep.From.ID & " (" & TaskDep.From.Name & ") " & _ "has a priority higher than medium." End If Next TaskDep

Use the Add method to add a TaskDependency object to the TaskDependencies collection. The following example links "Preliminary Research & Approval" as a predecessor to "Draft Initial Business Case" in a finish-to-start relationship.

  ActiveProject.Tasks("Draft Initial Business Case").TaskDependencies.Add ActiveProject.Tasks("Preliminary Research & Approval"), pjFinishToStart

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