WeekDay Object

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Represents a weekday in a calendar. The Weekday object is a member of the Weekdays collection.

Using the Weekday Object

Use Weekdays(Index), where Index is the weekday index number, three-letter abbreviation of the day name, or PjWeekday constant, to return a single Weekday object. The following example sets Friday (the sixth day of a week starting on Sunday) as a half-day by setting the start and finish times for the first shift and clearing the values of the second and third shifts.

  With ActiveProject.Calendar.WeekDays(6)
    .Shift1.Start = #8:00:00 AM#
    .Shift1.Finish = #12:00:00 PM#
End With

A much better way to return the same object is to use the predefined constant for Friday instead of the nonintuitive number 6. Thus, the first line of the preceding example would be as follows:

  With ActiveProject.Calendar.WeekDays(pjFriday)

Using the Weekdays Collection

Use the Weekdays property to return a Weekdays collection.


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