CustomProperty Object

Excel Developer Reference

Represents identifier information. Identifier information can be used as metadata for XML.


Use the Add method or the Item property of the CustomProperties collection to return a CustomProperty object.

Once a CustomProperty object is returned, you can add metadata to worksheets using the CustomProperties property with the Add method.


In this example, Microsoft Excel adds identifier information to the active worksheet and returns the name and value to the user.

Visual Basic for Applications
  Sub CheckCustomProperties()
Dim wksSheet1 As Worksheet

Set wksSheet1 = Application.ActiveSheet

' Add metadata to worksheet.
wksSheet1.CustomProperties.Add _
    Name:="Market", Value:="Nasdaq"

' Display metadata.
With wksSheet1.CustomProperties.Item(1)
    MsgBox .Name & vbTab & .Value
End With

End Sub

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