Task.PercentWorkComplete Property

Project Developer Reference

Returns or sets the percentage of work complete for a Task. Read-only for summary tasks. Read/write Variant.



expression   A variable that represents a Task object.

Return Value


The following example sets the Marked property to True for each task in the active project with a percentage of work complete that exceeds the percentage specified by the user.

Visual Basic for Applications
  Sub MarkTasks()
Dim T As Task           ' Task object used in For Each loop
Dim Entry As String     ' Percentage entered by user

' Prompt user for a percentage.
Entry = InputBox$("Mark tasks that exceed what percentage of work complete? (0-100)")

If Not IsNumeric(Entry) Then
    MsgBox ("Please enter a number only.")
    Exit Sub
ElseIf Entry < 0 Or Entry > 100 Then
    MsgBox ("You did not enter a percentage from 0 to 100.")
    Exit Sub
End If

' Mark tasks with percentage of work complete greater than user entry.
For Each T In ActiveProject.Tasks
    If T.<strong class="bterm">PercentWorkComplete</strong> &gt; Val(Entry) Then
        T.Marked = True
        T.Marked = False
    End If
Next T

End Sub

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