Project.OutlineChildren Property

Project Developer Reference

Returns a Tasks collection representing the children of a task in the outline. Read-only Object.



expression   A variable that represents a Project object.

Return Value

The following example displays the names of all tasks at the same outline level as the selected task.

Visual Basic for Applications
  Sub Siblings()
Dim MyParent As Task
Dim Sibling As Task
Dim Temp As String

Set MyParent = ActiveCell.Task.OutlineParent

For Each Sibling In MyParent.<strong class="bterm">OutlineChildren</strong>
    Temp = Sibling.Name &amp; ListSeparator &amp; " " &amp; Temp
Next Sibling

Temp = Left$(Temp, Len(Temp) - Len(ListSeparator &amp; " "))
MsgBox Temp

End Sub

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